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My dreams were transplanted to The United States, upon my arrival from Venezuela in 1991, when I received a full scholarship for designing and building an electromechanical arm to study Electrical Engineering at The Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. In 1994, my destiny took an unexpected turn when Hugo Chávez and his followers destabilized the country taking with it my scholarship away. But a trip to Disneyland in California gave me peace and a bigger dream. As I was dazzled by the Lion King parade and the visionary power of the Disney Corporation to transform animated characters into household names, I began dreaming about how wonderful it would be to share my beloved, enchanted Monarca characters from the Amazon rainforest with people around the world.

Elder Cordero and his invention an Robotic arm

I won a full scholarship for designing and building an electromechanical arm

It is clear that my legacy does not end here because I want to finish what I left of in 1994 – to finish my electrical engineering degree in May 2024 at University of Colorado Denver, share my knowledge, and give opportunities to others to dream big too.

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" I love to solve complex problems and building great products "

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