About Monarca Stories


One rainy day in the Venezuelan rainforest, a 9-year-old boy plays Latin music, while holding a big mango between his teeth and dancing on his uncles plastic bucket. He proudly hangs his beloved rainforest characters on the freshly painted wall of his uncles office by carefully putting gum on the back of his drawings. But his grumpy uncle notices the damage from the gum, and sends the little boy back to his family. For many years, the boy keeps the drawings in a special place, hoping that one day they will be worth something and find a new home. Moments like this one, taken from my childhood in Venezuela, are what inspired me to develop Monarca Stories - a series of incredible 3-D adventures that take place in the Amazon rainforest, a world full of mystery, power, drama, laughter, and enchanted creatures. Could my enchanted characters be the next most lucrative part of Hollywood?

Thirteen-year journey of research and development

Monarca Stories was carefully engineered and tested to solve a compelling, multi-cultural business problem and was built to overthrow an old business model, challenge the best of the best, generate buzz on its own, disrupt seven major multi-billion dollar global entertainment markets, and enhance interoperability with other products around the world.

MONARCA AND MY PURPLE FLOWER is the first adventure to emerge from Monarca Stories.

Tico Bolivar, a courageous termite with the heart of a lion, needs to find a magical purple flower to make his dreams come true. Soon, he finds himself on a magical adventure in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, leading his enchanted friends, Samba the cabdriver snail, and Tuca-May, the wise old crab, throughout his expeditions.

In 2007, The Denver Film Society selected the colorful Monarca Stories enchanted characters.

The Denver Film Society, co-founded by Ron Henderson and the board of directors, selected the colorful enchanted characters of MONARCA STORIES to exclusively host the 30th Starz Denver International Film Festival Children's Gala (featuring Natalie Portman and Dustin Hoffman's ''Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium'').

Monarca Stories - Could be the next Holy Grail in entertainment around the world.
"I remember being so blown away when I saw my name on the big screen"
An audience of 2,225 children and adults fell in love with the Monarca Stories characters.