My enchanted characters belong to the world now

As in the tradition in Hollywood, the mighty press poured in before “MONARCA AND MY PURPLE FLOWER” was even finished. My unique vision to turn my enchanted characters into the next generation of digital animation has placed me firmly in the public eye. Since Hispanic animation is rare, in 2003, Primer Impacto, Univision’s Latino News Program, aired interviews with artists involved in upcoming Hispanic music and movies. I was featured with artists such as Tom Cruise, Ricky Martin, and Shakira, Gloria Estefan, Jose Feliciano, Mark Anthony, and my interviews were aired across the United States, and in twelve other countries. As my stories have continued to delight children of all ages, I have been featured on Warner Brothers 2 News, NBC 9 News, ABC 7 News, Televen, Venevision, Los Angeles Time, Time Warner Cable, Univision 50 News, Puma T.V., VTV, Rai Italia, and my credits keep getting bigger.

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You meet Monarca Stories enchanted characters , you fall in love with them.